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We are the creative force of our life, and through our own decisions rather than our conditions, if we carefully learn to do certain things, we can accomplish those goals.

Stephen Covey

About the Consulting Sales
Institute of America 

With over twenty-five years of proven sales methodologies and a long list of client successes, the Consulting Sales Institute of America is the standard bearer in the training and professional development industry. Our foundation began as a specialized training firm for the energy industry working with companies like Lyondell Petrochemical, British Petroleum, Shell and ExxonMobil. Today, to our growth has enabled us to become one the more prominent full-service providers for companies like Texas Instruments, CitiFinancial, WorldTravel BTI, American Express, Sysco and Halliburton. Our staff consists of a talented group of facilitators, performance consultants, sales experts and developers focused on providing best-of-breed solutions for our clients.

Regularly scheduled public workshops are delivered throughout the calendar year in cities like Houston, New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, Denver and Washington D.C. Private workshops for more focused or specialized groups can be arranged in your corporate offices or via one of our training facilities. Regardless of the format, group size or focus, our sessions provide an approach that meets individual client needs. Personalized feedback, coaching and performance plans are a critical component of all our sessions.

If you are serious about turning your sales force into a high performing team, contact us and we will assign an individual Territory Manager to analyze your needs. We will work with you to set up a program designed specifically for you.

Our facilitators are not only educators but seasoned sales professionals with real-life experience gleaned from years in the field. From former sales executives from the energy industry to senior executives who built technology companies from the ground up, your employees will benefit from experience few other companies can provide. We've seen as other training programs seek to break down participants via suspect training methodologies. Our approach is different - we work hand-in-hand with participants to build individual confidence, strengthen skill usage and improve performance. This is approach that results in stronger sales numbers, higher closing ratios and long-term client relationships. With group sizes averaging a dozen participants, sales professionals benefit from individual attention and a personalized approach. That's why the most important names in business have turned to us and why your organization should, too.

Consulting Sales Institute of America:
A Track Record of Success
In a crowded field of training and consulting companies, no other firm can match the Consulting Sales Institute of America's track record of success and excellence in professional sales development. Market leading companies in the financial, technology, energy, manufacturing, biotech and other industries have turned to us for over twenty-five years to empower their employees to perform more effectively in the field. Highly participatory and skills-based workshops are delivered in over eighteen major markets as well as on-site via private training sessions.

Career sales professionals seeking to keep skills fresh to stay on top of their game, senior account executives focused on selling to the highest levels of a corporation as well as those less experienced sales professionals looking to emulate marks of excellence in their field can benefit from the proven skills and methodologies we teach. Just about every sales professional has room to grow by learning from others. Whether looking to face and overcome the difficulties of cold calling to prospect for new customer accounts, seeking to find new ways to deal with seemingly stalled customer accounts or pinpointing ways to cement a client relationship once a sale has been closed, we ensure that participants walk out of our workshops ready to use their skills immediately in the field. This is a system that works - training focused on putting skills to use so that concepts are brought to life from abstract theory to reality.

Whether attending a public workshop on sales negotiations to be able to more effectively deal with concessions or scheduling a private session to improve the ability to provide a solution-based approach to clients, all of our classes focus on strengthening individual skills. Even those with the deepest experience and best intentions find themselves using bad habits that can adversely affect their ability to compete and close sales. Harried sales professionals with large client bases sometimes fail to return calls in a timely manner. Struggling account reps get caught up in the sales process and forget those skills that enable them to deal with common objections. We teach participants to get back to basics, practice perseverance and focus on those key skills that make enable top performers and superstar sales reps to consistently excel in sales.

Our customers know that we believe in a flexible and individual philosophy that does not force companies to utilize a rigid "one size fits all" approach. Sales professionals seeking to focus on specialized issues such as how to build more effective proposals or how to implement an effective system designed to organize and successfully manage customer accounts can work with us to arrange for customized in-house workshops. Consulting engagements build upon our training philosophies and allows us to build sales systems and improve performance across an entire sales organization. From teaching securities professionals how to truly listen to their clients to working closely with a hotel to explore ways to land and close new customer accounts, our performance consultants provide engagements designed to deliver results.

Our personalized Sales Training Course will give you the key skills to excel in sales.
Course Participants Will
Benefit By Learning To:

Build a personal sense of urgency in their sales role to become more effective
Understand what motivates buyers to buy as well as those critical factors that influence why buyers do not buy
Find approaches to prospect for new customers or expand existing accounts
Deal with gatekeepers and admins set on shielding buyers from opportunities
Get around customer indifference as well as insistent voice mails and a lack of return phone calls that may be keeping opportunities from moving forward
Understand when it does and doesn't make sense to discuss price
Build relationships with customers that will lead to long-term customer accounts
Maintain integrity with both new and existing customers via follow-through
Connect with, build rapport and establish a level of trust with customers
Deal with customer indifference and a lack of urgency
Create and utilize personal benefit statements that can be used to demonstrate value
Recognize and deal with different buyer types to appeal to their unique needs
Practice and utilize questioning skills to be utilized during the sales process to understand client needs
Effectively uncover important issues to properly provide your clients with multiple options to meet identified needs
Move through the sales cycle to recommend appropriate solutions
Ensure that every sales call has a defined purpose and enables you to move through the sales cycle
Overcome customer concerns related to quality or your reliability
Deal with even the most problematic and difficult customers
Handle pessimistic customers and their negative comments
Overcome the most commonly faced roadblocks such as price objections as well as those objections that require you to empathize with customers
Close customer accounts by providing alternate choices to seal a deal
Utilize other popular closing techniques such as the summary close as well as the trial close
Put into practice closing techniques when a customer is slow to make a decision
Act appropriately once a customer has been asked to close the sale
Recognize particular "signals" that tell you when a customer is ready to buy
Recognize when bad sales opportunities should be avoided as they are not in their best interests

While some classes are delivered as off-the-shelf programs, all course topics can be customized to meet particular client needs. Some of the additional subjects that covered in one of our various high impact training sessions will enable sales professionals to:

Take care of and reward customers who have proven as loyal and long-term client accounts
Learn strategies to maintain perseverance during slow economic times and reduced sales periods
Dress more effectively to make stronger, more positive impressions on clients
Make yourself more memorable and stand out among a crowded field of competitors
Avoid the most common pitfalls faced when dealing with voice mail
Utilize references from satisfied clients as well as an "arsenal" of multiple client testimonials to help sales efforts
Take advantage of various technologies to streamline the selling process
Take part in a more in-depth analysis to understand value and its importance to the client

Consider our Telephone Sales Training Course for optimum results.


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