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"Across the desk sales presentations and small group talk through presentation training has really paid off for my sales team. I was skeptical that I would get some of my older salesmen to change! Your senior sales presentation instructor proved that you really can teach old dogs new tricks."
Bernie Greenblat
Sr. Sales Manger
Global Industries
Boston, Massachusetts

"We all loved the presentation training conducted by Christina. It was right on target. I can’t wait for the negotiations training."
Herald Oberg
Vice President Sales
Whalen Consulting
Washington DC

"Your presentation training was a big hit at our national sales conference. We all learned a great deal that we can use on the job. Thank you for working to make our conference such a success."
Marc Helm
National Sales Manager
Computer Logic Inc.
Miami, Florida

Your sales presentation training was very helpful to me. It was practical and fun. I wouldn’t change one thing. My entire sales team rated it the best sales meeting we have ever had. Thank you for making this such a wonderful experience.
Wallace Berry
Sales Manager
Kimberly Clark
Philadelphia, Penn






 Presentation Training – Presentations Skills For Sales Pros

Even the most experienced sales professionals have seen sales won and lost during critical sales presentations. Some struggle with the ability to structure content so as to reach client needs and present their solutions in the strongest, most influential manner. Others know their material backwards and forwards but are terrified by the prospect of standing before an audience of any size. When the stakes are high and clients are looking to their account executives to deliver a strong presentation, one bad performance can mean a lost account. Can you risk delivering one poor presentation after another that may paint your company in a bad light and diminish your prospects of advancement? By attending our highly effective and personalized Presentation Skills for Sales Professionals, you will be able to take your personal presentation abilities to a new level – one that will lead to stronger impressions, increased confidence and higher closing ratios.

Our two-day Presentation Skills for Sales Professionals is based on the same proven methodologies that have helped account managers, sales managers and executives excel for over twenty-five years. Utilizing our unique two instructor approach, we ensure that each participants benefits not only from ten videotaped presentations but also from a personalized feedback approach. Following every session, participants will receive individual coaching and consultation from one of our certified presentations instructors. This format enables participants to focus on areas of strength as well as those areas that might require additional practice or improvement.  The workshop is designed to build skills as it proceeds – from learning essential delivery skills in areas such as vocal, visual and verbal delivery to understanding how to effectively structure content to have the maximum impact. Other topics of discussion include how to lead question and answer sessions, how to increase audience involvement and minimize conflict when it might arise.  The end results are unparalleled – improved skills and literally changed lives that will pay immediate dividends. 

By attending our one-day skills-based workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Present information to clients in a clear, concise, and persuasive manner
  • Improve voice projection, articulation, pacing, and fluency
  • Enhance body language, eye contact, and gesturing
  • Understand audience needs and flex accordingly
  • Overcome nervousness and anxiety that often accompanies sales presentations
  • Use various visual aids so as to reinforce the message being conveyed
  • Project control, confidence and credibility
  • Overcome negative or distracting mannerisms
  • Develop a formalized product presentation that can be utilized in the field
  • Structure a presentation to gain maximum effect
  • Implement specific techniques to ensure audience involvement

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