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Suggested Reading

Below you will find our favorite picks for innovative and comprehensive books related to sales training.. For many more titles relevant to sales training, please visit our more suggested reading list. We are always improving our library so if you have any favorite books on sales training please contact us and let us know and we will review them for our list.


Selling for Dummies
by Tom Hopkins

"Hopkins is renowned as the #1 sales trainer in the country." The Arizona Republic "Tom Hopkins is one of the nation's top names in sales training." Entrepreneur Praise for Selling For Dummies "Tom's terrific … the force of his message is that selling is the essence of every business and every other pursuit in life." —Scott DeGarmo, Editor-in-Chief, Success "One of the most vital skills everyone can learn is selling, and no one teaches it better than Tom Hopkins." —Peter Lowe, founder, Peter Lowe Success Seminars

Find out how to sell products, ideas — and yourself!

Persuading other people to say "yes" is an essential skill in life — whether you're selling a product, an idea, or yourself. Packed with tried-and-true tips and real-life examples, this revised edition walks you step by step through the fundamentals of successful selling, with an emphasis on the Internet. So take this valuable guide and close the deal!


Vacation Ownership Sales Training: The One-On-One Successful Training Guide for the First Year of Timeshare Sales
by Rita M. Bruegger

I purchased the book at first having met the author personally curious about her work. The author brings structure and elaborates on details helping refreshen the timeshare presentation for seasoned veterans or get green-pea rookies up and selling. Her selling psychology highly motivates the reader to wanting a chance to "try" her approaches on the next tour. If your lost or not doing well selling timeshare, would like to read what a proven producer has to say, or would simply like to refreshen your sales presentation skills then I highly recommend the book. I've met her and she writes as well as she sounds. In sales presentations she'll blow you away.


Sales Training Handbook
by Jeff Magee

Designed to help busy sales managers quickly­­and easily­­introduce proven methods to their sales teams, this time-and-money saving coursebook:

  • Covers all major aspects of selling and dealing with customers
  • Focuses on selling skills for basic, intermediate, and advanced level sales professionals
  • Provides sales managers and trainers with an effective, turnkey sales training curriculum

The Big Book of Sales Games (Big Book of Business Games)
by Peggy Carlaw, Vasudha K. Deming

Packed with fun, engaging activities, The Big Book of Sales Games gives you simple, fast, and enjoyable ways to train and motivate sales staff--or yourself--for selling success.

Learn how to:

  • Master up-selling techniques for increased order value
  • Polish communication skills to win sales and customer loyalty
  • Tailor features and benefits to reach difficult buyers
  • Sell more in any situation--on the phone, at the store, or in the field
  • Build team spirit among your sales staff

Sales: Games and Activities for Trainers
by Gary B. Connor, John A. Woods

When you're training your salespeople to win at the game of selling, it pays to have some fun. Improving the skills of your salespeople can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line. But many salespeople are bored by conventional training approaches, and the result is not much improvement in their skills or behaviors. Sales Games and Activities for Trainers solves this problem by giving you 90 games and activities that make sales training more fun--and effective--for trainers and their trainees.


How To Become a Power Agent in Real Estate : A Top Industry Trainer Explains How to Double Your Income in 12 Months
by Darryl Davis

The book is full of Davis's surefire methods for managing the sales process, including time management for agents, prospecting for listings, handling the seller's and buyer's concerns, maintaining a winning attitude, and generating more sales in less time. He also reveals how clever use of the Web can provide a competitive edge and how the top producers work smarter­­not harder. Offering field-proven tools and techniques, Davis shows agents how to progress at their own pace to their own personal Next Level and accelerate their entry into Top Agent status.


The Closers
by Jim Pickens, Ben Gay

Wow, I've been in the sales industry for a good while and I've had Closers I&II for about 5 yrs. now, and there is no question they are the most revisited books I have on my sales literature shelf. My copy's are worn out and highlighted and dogeared all over, I have loaned them out to people in my sales teams and ever since have literally watched my sales team volume skyrocket to unbelieveable levels! It's no secret or suprise that everyone on our winning sales team, who has read "The Closers I&II" several times, have the biggest commission & bonus checks on a monthly basis, over any other heavy hitter's in the company! If you're in any type of sales profession, then there is something to definitely be learned from these incredible, proven books. Don't let your ego get in the way of your bank account! Keep learning from books like this.

The Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource, Revised Edition
by Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey Gitomer’s bestselling guide to the art of the sale has helped hundreds of thousands of people get ahead in the sales game. The Sales Bible offers the proven methods and techniques that lead to bigger sales and more loyal customers. Full of practical, hands-on information, it offers everything salespeople need to know to improve their results immediately.

For many more titles relevant to a specific sales training topic or field, please visit our more suggested reading list.
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