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"I learned some fundamental sales skills which I was not using. Pretty surprising for someone who has 12 succesful years selling. Asking questions instead of telling was a real lesson for me."
Nick Lafarge
Sr. Sales Representitive
Las Vegas Groceries Supply
Las Vegas, Nevada

"Probing, supporting, and closing skills were really an eye opener for my sales force. They hated all six of the video tapings but they sure learned how to be more professional salesmen."
Judith Young
Sales Team Coordinator
Marathon Industrials
Denver, Colorado

"My sales team was not asking for referrals or asking the right questions. Your sales training fixed my problems."
Kyle Ashcroft
Sales Manager
Houston Industries
Houston, Texas

I have attended dozens of sales training seminars over my career but yours is by far the best yet. I wish I had this workshop when I first started selling. Proper selling is such a consultative business as you pointed out. Your training will help me to do a better job. I loved having the training in Miami.

Joyce Peterson
Sales Account Executive
Wellford Smith Fixtures Inc.
Washington DC





  Sales Training For the Trusted Sales Advisor

Over the years, some sales professionals have earned a rather unfavorable reputation as unsavory individuals focused more on earning a fast buck rather than truly working to meet client needs. Certain industries, as many can attest, are well known for their shady practices. In many ways, this reputation has been deserved as there are far too many individuals who place their own interests over their customer’s interests. They utilize a “slash and burn” philosophy to get the quick sale but lose the customer. Yet, there are those who understand the wisdom of first seeking to meet their client’s interests to ultimately advance their own interests.  The two are indeed intertwined. When customers are properly taken care of and helped in a selfless manner, the end result is a lasting relationship that reaps rewards for customer and sales rep. Our three-day workshop, The Trusted Sales Advisor teaches the philosophy of seeking to understand client concerns and issues to then find appropriate solutions. 

Designed to teach a consultative approach to selling, we utilize a proven sales process that enables participants to truly become trusted advisors, not product or service pushers. Whether focusing on providing outsourced clinical testing for pharmaceutical clients or selling specialty products to manufacturing firms, our approach puts the customer first. Our three-day class begins with a discussion on client value and the ability to communicate more effectively. Once participants gain a better feel for their communication style, they can begin focusing on building rapport with their customers. We then begin the process of building and applying sales skills through repeated use of simulation sessions, role plays, individual activities and exercises. This interactive approach increases learning and shows participants how skills will specifically apply to target accounts. 

By attending our three-day skills-based workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Establish rapport, build trust and meet the communication needs of clients
  • Understand how to flow through the sales process
  • Deal with the various buying types and their particular concerns
  • Understand what motivates buyers to make purchasing decisions
  • Communicate value more effectively based on client needs
  • Utilize questioning skills to uncover client needs, concerns and desires
  • Deal with negative reactions, apprehension and client indifference
  • Offer appropriate options and recommend solutions based on discussions
  • Move discussions along each step of the sales process towards a close
  • Anticipate common customer objections and get conversations back on track
  • Work with management to build upon client experiences and focus on improvement
  • Utilize skills to truly become a trusted advisor for their clients

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