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"Your Instructor was easy to understand, professional and great fun to spend a day with. Your time & territory management seminar really helped my entire sales and marketing team.
Sales training skills are essential but time management is critical to effective territory management."
Albert Serine
Sales Manager
Singer Global Software Inc.
Austin, Texas

"Time is life and you sure proved it at our National Sales Meeting in June in San Antonio, Texas. Your workshop was evaluated as the most important and the best presented of the 12 sales topics."
Janice Dupree
Sales Director
Fine Fabrics Inc.
Dallas, Texas

"Sales Meetings can really be stressful and boring. You made our training session fun, practical and full of useful information. Feel free to use me as a reference."
William Dowling
National Sales Manager
Singer Industries LLC
Chicago, Illinois

"How you could spend only two hours at a sales conference on time management and convince 60 seasoned sales professionals that they needed to sign up for a full day seminar is amazing. Not only was your time management program practical and fun but I learned a lot. Thank you for everything."
Mary Ann Black Sneer
Sales Management Assistant
Hunt Industries
Washington, DC

I really enjoyed taking your time management (time and territory management) seminar we took at our quarterly sales meeting in Cincinnati. I learned and am now applying how to better manage my customer accounts, and all of the activities I have to do daily, weekly and monthly. Your instructor make the course fun and very practical.
Warren Patrick
Sr. Account Manager
Auto Supplies Inc.
New York City, New York



 Time Management – Time & Territory Management Skills

Sales professionals are often known for many great qualities – engaging personalities, the ability to build rapport and establish trust as well as the ability to influence others effectively. Unfortunately, one of the areas where far too many sales professionals are lacking is in the area of time management. Many find that they have an awfully difficult time trying to manage sales territories, multiple customer accounts and their time as effectively as possible. As once can imagine, this can be very dangerous. One failure in time management can lead to a forgotten product shipment, a slipped service level agreement or even missed appointment.  Focusing on time and territory management can have an immediate and positive effect on a sales professional’s personal results. Our Effective Time and Territory Management Skills training workshop enables sales professionals to get around the difficulties inherent with managing an active and profitable sales territory.

From putting in place action plans designed to ensure that all activities are dedicated to meeting sales targets to eliminating time wasters that can have an adverse affect on personal plans, our workshop delves into specific skills to help you improve your performance. Prior to even attending the one-day Effective Time and Territory Management Skills workshop, we start the process of increasing your effectiveness. For one week prior to the session, each participant will utilize a time log to determine where their time is being spent. That information is used as a benchmark and then utilized throughout the workshop to begin the process of refining each person’s management of time. As we work on how to manage time, we also discuss ways in which territories can be managed more effectively so as to focus on those accounts that will yield the highest rewards. Additional time is also spend understanding the way in which behavior and communication affects personal effectiveness, something no other time management course can claim. 

By attending our one-day skills-based workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Achieve better results through the use of more effective planning
  • Focus on those particular tasks that will allow you to achieve your sales targets
  • Say no to unreasonable requests and time-wasting activities
  • Understand how personalities play a role in time management
  • Put things into perspective so as to know where to focus
  • Plan effectively and organize paper work
  • Gain a balance between professional goals and personal time
  • Use time management tools more effectively
  • Set goals and prioritize them to determine if activities are goal-directed
  • Map out their territory to manage their time and efforts more effectively
  • Delegate effectively and discard the majority of paper that crosses your desk
  • Implement effective resource management

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