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When They’re Asking You to Sell to Them…

Looking for Buying Signals

Sales Rep: “Yes, hello Todd, how are you?” (straining to contain her surprise at the return phone call)

Customer: “I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to get back to you the past two months but I’ve been awfully busy lately. Thank you for your persistence because I really want to talk to you about the…”

Can you tell when a customer is sending you a buying signal? Do you know those traits that point out when a client is saying, “I’m ready to buy”? If you’re looking for them to wave a little green flag, don’t. However, there are a variety of buying signals that customers will send that will tell you that they’re ready to buy. After all your hard work or just when you were about to stop leaving message after message, your customer is ready to open his wallet. Listed below are some of the top verbal buying signals that can tell you it is time to work on closing the sale:

The passive customer who starts asking questions
“Actually, I’m glad that you called. How exactly does your additive perform under extreme conditions?”

The usually short customer whose conversations become lengthier
“If you have a moment, I would like to really drill down into the specs on the second proposal.  When we first talked about the Farmington plant, I had mentioned that…”

Openness to trial closes
“Yes, actually I would like to review a copy of the agreement so that I can pass it to our legal department.”

Taking your call or calling back
“Yes, Dave.  I really want to apologize. I believe I owe you several return phone calls.  Listen, I have an issue with our network…”

A noticeable change in the customer’s tone of voice
“That does sound like exactly what we’re looking for.  Interesting… so, tell me, how much would it cost if we were…”

Inquiring into similar situations with other clients
“So, when you worked with General Electric, how was your team able to help them out?”

Discussing business or personal matters
“Well, hello Janie.  I’m just playing catch-up but you’ve tracked me down at a good time.  I just got back from a vacation to Los Cabos.  Have you been there?”

Asking for a demonstration
“This sounds great but can you provide me with a more detailed product demonstration? I really want to see the tool in action.”

Asking for details such as terms, contracts, pricing and shipping
“OK, if we were to ask for a shipment for the 15th to be sent to our processing facility, is there any paperwork we would need to review?”

Discussing options
“I think the base model would actually be a good fit but I would like to know more about the power product. Can you tell me a bit more about how it would help us with what we’ve discussed?”

Discussing your competition
“Funny, when I asked Boston Extrusions if they could meet our volume requirement, they didn’t call us back. So what you’re telling me is that you can actually meet the…”

Listen to what your customer is telling you to determine if they’re moving towards selecting your product or service. Body language and the words used by clients can tell you when your company is in good shape.

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