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Making Sure Each Call has a Purpose

Sales professionals don’t live in a vacuum… while we make our living out of selling products and services to potential customers, we are also customers. Throughout the course of our day or week, we also come across sales professionals. Some are amazing while others are dreadful. Chances are, we’ve dealt with those sales reps who call upon us without much of a purpose or direction. Those sales reps are doing their potential customers a disservice as they’re calling without a purpose.  In order to make each and every call count, you have to make sure you have a purpose for your call.

What should the purpose of a sales call, be it in person or face-to-face? First and foremost, it needs to get you one step closer to closing the sale. You don’t have to close a sale every time you speak to a client… but you should be able to move it along so that your objective is closer to reality. Otherwise, if you call without a purpose, you’re not only wasting your customer’s time, you’re wasting your time. That’s a double-whammy!

If your product has a long and protracted sales cycle, you may have to make more calls than other industries. Some professionals deal with high volume, low ticket sales that can be closed in just one call. For the great majority of us that have to keep building and cultivating our opportunities, there are several possible reasons to make a call.

Fourteen Call Objectives

1.       Cold call

2.       Qualify a lead

3.       Set up an appointment or conference call

4.       Build the customer relationship

5.       Review customer requirements

6.       Discuss a proposal

7.       Discuss possible options

8.       Demonstrate a product or service

9.       Discuss a product or service trial

10.    Recommend a solution

11.    Close the sale

12.    Follow up on a sale in order to earn more business

13.    Uncover new opportunities

14.    Discuss a new product or service offering

When you know your products and services well and have a good grasp of your sales cycle, you’ll understand which of these fourteen objectives make sense for what you do. You may have other objectives that are not on this list. That is fine… just make sure that you do have a purpose so that your time is well spent. 

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