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There are all kinds of characteristics that make up a high-performing sales professional. Many of them can be learned and integrated into your daily routines or simply into the way you live your life.  Listed below is a list of six character traits that one should take on to improve one’s chances of sales excellence. These are the tell-tale marks of the high-performing sales professional. While they are not all-encompassing and there is much more to being a success in sales, following these Six Marks of Excellence will enable you to get on and stay on the right road:

·          Know What You Sell – How can you possibly sell to your client effectively if you’re not familiar with your firm’s product or service? Successful sales start with strong product knowledge. When a sales professional knows the ins and outs of their products or services, they are better equipped to answer questions, provide accurate and specific recommendations and deliver exactly what the customer needs. Build up your personal product or service knowledge by taking available training, reading up on your company’s materials and web page and by having a good grasp on what your company sells and why they sell it.

·          Strive to be Number One – Great sales reps hate it when other reps are outselling them.  They check departmental numbers, quota attainment and sales rankings to see where they stand.  They love to blow out their numbers to get their commission but also to know that they were ahead of the pack.  Develop a competitive hunger to sell more than anyone else.

·          First Impression, Best Impression – We’ve talked about this before… the first impression you make on a customer may very well stick with you for the remainder of your relationship with that company.  Look your best and have your “A” game ready for your first customer meeting. Make sure you are prepared and are friendly and easy to talk to. Adapt to your customer’s personality so as to not turn off a possible long-term customer before you really hit your stride.

·          Keep on Fighting Through the Tough Times – One of the best compliments our sales reps get is, “thank you for your perseverance,” or “I appreciate that you stayed on top of me when I was hard to reach.”  Perseverance is critical in sales.  Great sales reps have to be able to deal with thousands of unreturned calls, unread e-mails and rejection.  It’s the nature of the game.  To succeed in sales, you have to keep plugging away as it may just take one more call or one more visit to make the sale.  Don’t guess which one is the one.  Perseverance pays off.

·          Attitude Really Is Everything – This is in line with perseverance.  To succeed in sales, you have to have a good attitude. Even when you have a bad day (or month), you have to know that the next offers a fresh start. Keep you personal troubles out of the office and stay focused on the task at hand.

·          Be Customer-Centric – In order to build and maintain a long-term relationship with your customers, you need to become focused on providing exceptional customer service.  This should always be the case, particularly after the sale when some sales reps end up missing in action.  Build up a relationship as your customer’s advocate.  Seek to meet their needs and help them during every phase of the relationship.  This will lead to better experiences, positive word of mouth and follow-up business.

Reality will eventually teach you that there are more than six to incorporate into what you do but these six traits are indeed crucial.

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