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Staying One Step Ahead of Objections

Treating Objections Before They Come Up

When was the last time you bought a sofa at a major department store or retail furniture store?  If it hasn’t been long, you’ll probably recall that it is not unusual for upholstered furniture to be pretreated with Scoth-Gard fabric protectant or some other chemical to deal with stains or other “unforeseen” accidents. 

So… picture the sofa as something you are actually selling… you sell light colored microfiber sofas in a Danish furniture store.  Clients love your sofas but you always hear, “You’re right.  This is a beautiful sofa but we just can’t have something this nice in our house.  One glass of red wine and it will be ruined.”  Over time, you were able to deal with customer objections before they ever came up…

Customer: “This really is a beautiful sofa and the color is so nice.”

Sales Rep: “We receive a lot of compliments on our sofas.  Each one is pretreated with Tivoli Stain Blocker to resist spills, accidents and other marks that would ruin other sofas.  With Stain Blocker, liquids immediately bead up for easy clean up and smudges can be wiped with a damp sponge.  This protects your investment and allows you to enjoy your sofa without worry.”

Customer: “So, we wouldn’t have to worry about having a light-colored sofa in the house. That’s great!”

The best way to deal with possible objections is to face them head on. Benefit statements allow you to point out the features of a product or service while eliminating any possible objections that may be thrown your way. Can you think of ways you can use benefit statements to anticipate and defuse objections?

Travel Industry

Possible Objection: Cost of traveling overseas/unfamiliarity with locations

Sales Rep: “With Cosmic luxury motorcoach tours, we arrange for all accommodations and your itinerary across all four countries. This allows you to not only take advantage of the negotiated savings we’ve arranged with our hotel partners, it allows you to know that your schedule is taken care of. You benefit by saving money and spending less time worrying and more time planning.”

Professional Services Industry

Possible Objection: Unqualified consultants

Sales Rep: “Our team of consultants has experience working on over one-hundred PeopleSoft implementations and is cross-trained on a variety of different modules.  You can rest assured that you will deal with highly qualified individuals who won’t spend time learning on the job. That enables you to receive a faster roll-out while decreasing deployment costs that otherwise would be spent fixing a sloppy implementation.” 

Imaging Industry

Possible Objection: High cost of owning and maintaining a copier

Sales Rep: “With our MultiAdvantage program, customers are able to lease equipment at a fraction of the cost of owning.  This allows you to automatically utilize our on-site support staff and have faulty equipment replaced at no charge with current models.  You save by not having to worry about additional maintenance costs and knowing that your team will have access to our newest models.”

Write down all the possible objections you might face in the course of a sales call. Don’t try to answer every single one but hit upon the major ones that come up most often and are more likely to derail a sale. Bringing up possible objections via benefit statements is the easiest way to circumvent them.

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