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Providing the Incentive to Close

Using Promotions to Close a Sale

Everyone loves a giveaway or a promotion that allows them to get a special benefit for buying a product or service. When a customer is indecisive or won’t return a rep’s call, a “limited time offer” or “one-time promotion” can entice them to stop hemming and hawing and start making a purchase

You’ll see this type of close used quite often towards the end of the month or the quarter or as a fiscal year draws to a close. As sales professionals move closer and closer to the end of their quarter and realize that they haven’t quite made their numbers, they often become more creative in helping to close a deal. Being creative is a good thing as these types of promotions can help stalled out accounts get back on track and make a sale. When corporate numbers are not where they need to be, promotions can help pull in added income when it is most needed.

One word of caution: This close should be used sparingly.  If used too often, customers will catch on and will use it to their advantage.  They’ll know that the end of the month is coming and that all they have to do is wait until “crunch time” to get an added discount or benefit. 

When you use a promotion to speed up a sale, make sure it is limited and is of high value to the customer. This is important. You want them to perceive that what they are getting is of high value. However, in order to receive that high value item, they need to do something for you.  This can be something as simple as signing an agreement within a certain time period or buying an extra number of widgets. 

Here are a few examples of how promotions can be used to close a sale:

“We are running a promotion through the end of this month.  For every five pallets of product purchased in March, we are including a sixth pallet for free.  Did you want to place an order to receive the additional product?”

“If you can sign an order by the end of the day tomorrow, you can take advantage of the ten percent discount.  Shall I draw up a new agreement with the discounted price?”

“If you can complete your evaluation and purchase the product by June 15th, I can include ten additional licenses of our network utility for the Memphis office. Do you think that would be possible?”

“My Director said we can include the cases for the units if we can receive the order by Friday.  Should we arrange for delivery?”

“Our installation department called me this morning and said that they are going to include free delivery on any in-state shipments sent out by December 31st.  That comes out to a $1,500.00 savings.  Did you want to move forward on the order so that you can save on the delivery charge?”

As you can see, you can use the promotion and then use a trial close to get the sale.

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