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Answering a Question with a Question

Using the Sharp Angle Close

Sharp angle closes allow you to finalize the sales process by answering a customer’s question with a question. When used properly, it will enable the customer to provide you with an answer that essentially leads to the close

Here is an example of how the sharp angle close is used:

Customer: “Can you commit to us that the shipment will arrive by the August factory shutdown?”

Sales Rep: “Do you want us to set up the shipment?”

Do you see how that works? If the customer responds to that question in the affirmative (and, in this case, you can meet the requirement) you can close the sale. Here is how it would continue...

Customer: “Yes, I believe we would.”

Sales Rep: “Then we will be able to have it to you by July 28th. In order to do so, let’s start drawing up the paperwork.”

Now, if the customer had responded with a negative answer, this leaves the sales rep in a situation on being able to find out where the customer really stands. If you can meet their requirement but they’re not ready to buy, ask questions to find out what else is holding them up. 

Here are some additional examples:

Customer: “Can the laptops be shipped with the CD-R/W drives installed?”

Sales Rep: “If we can include the CD-R/W drives, do you want to place the order?”


Customer: “Can you provide me a customer reference in the financial industry from someone who has used your consulting practice?”

Sales Rep: “If I can provide you a financial reference, will you be ready to sign a Statement of Work for the engagement?”


Customer: “Does it come in titanium?”

Sales Rep: “If I can get it in titanium, do you want to arrange for delivery?”

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