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When the Customer Brings up Quality

Clearly, one of the more frequently heard and valid concerns a client can bring up during a sales call is that of quality. Every customer who is of sound mind and body is concerned with ensuring that the product or service they are purchasing meets the highest standards. Poor quality products and services ultimately can have a detrimental effect on a company’s productivity and profitability and can put a person’s job on the line. An inferior ingredient purchased by a nutritional company ultimately makes their product inferior. A poorly designed machine component can cause a component of an assembly line to run inefficiently or break down too often. When customers bring up quality, it is important for you, as a sales person, to reassure them on the quality of your product/service as well as your company. 

When quality is brought up as a concern, it is imperative that you ask questions. Why does a customer feel your quality isn’t up to snuff? Is there some standard that they’re trying to achieve? Gathering information on the customer’s needs enable you to then respond with a benefit statement. This will enable you to acknowledge their concern and respond with appropriate information.


  • “I’m concerned about the safety of your products on the factory floor”

Sales Rep:

  • “Why is that?”
  • “What leads you to believe our products are unsafe?”
  • “Have you had a problem with the safety of other products?”
  • “Are there safety issues on the factory floor?”


  • “I read the quality report on your DuraTrust XLS component and its high failure rate. We can’t afford that here.”

Sales Rep:

  • “That report was based on a discontinued product that was only available in limited release. Once the problem was identified, the product was pulled from inventory and discontinued. The XLS-A has gone through rigorous testing standards and meets all quality regulations, as defined by the industry.  That makes it the highest performing component currently available from any manufacturer. This means your team will be able to operate at maximum capacity using a product that is both safe and efficient. If that answers your concern, I would be glad to draw up a proposal on the XLS-A for use in the Sacramento factory.”

Often, questions will uncover misunderstandings, bad information, unreasonable concerns and other items that can easily be handled. Assuming your products and services are of high quality, dealing with this objection is easy. In instances when your quality isn’t as high as a competitor, it helps to determine if a competing product or service is oversold. Is the customer buying more than they need? Could they receive the same results with a different type of product? Of course, don’t sell your product as lesser quality but as the right fit for their needs.

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