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When the Relationship Isn’t There

Customers like to buy products and service from those they know and trust and are always more likely to choose a familiar company over one that is unfamiliar. This is natural. Why do customers buy from those they know?

  • Relationships are based on trust and follow-through.  By buying from someone that has a relationship, the customer feels comfortable making their decision.
  • Customers can point to a track record with those they know. If a customer’s vendor has always done a great job in delivering the right product or service in the time promised, it is natural to continue that relationship.
  • Familiar companies provide reassurance.  A well-known brand has credibility… and unknown brand provides the impression of risk.

When you find yourself in a situation where your product may not be as well-known or you don’t have an established relationship, it is once again time to ask questions and then answer with benefit statements. You also need to ensure that your actions are consistent. Do what you say and say what you will do. Customers look for vendors that can become partners – those they know and trust who aren’t necessarily looking to make a quick buck. These vendors act as trusted advisors and make recommendations based on what is in the customer’s best interest, not based on the quick sale.

Customer: “I don’t feel comfortable that your company can provide the service we need.”

Sales Rep: “Why don’t you feel comfortable?”

“Does something in our proposal not meet your requirements?”

“What have I left out?”

“What is it about us that makes you unsure?”

“Is there a reason for that?”

Customer: “Well, I’ve just never heard of you.”

Sales Rep: “I can understand that concern. We’ve been in business for over twenty-five years, primarily on the west coast. Our client list includes a who’s who of the Fortune 500 and we have worked with customers all across the globe. This means we have experience working with just about every industry, including companies in your field such as National Standard and Treadway Global. This means your company will benefit from the most experienced staff in the field and will benefit from a tested methodology to ensure a quick deployment, minimum downtime and a faster return on your investment.”

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