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James A. Baker is President of Baker Communications, Inc, a leading training and career development firm. Established in 1979, Baker’s ongoing client list includes over 75 Fortune 500 companies and numerous medium and small organizations.

Training Materials

Different types of instructional materials and methods are suited for each part of the training process:

1. Describing the selling concept – notebooks, written materials, and lectures
2. Skill demonstration – video modeling
3. Skill transfer – videotaped sales call and role playing

Video & Film

  • "Right Way” Versus “Wrong Way” Examples
  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of Video and Film

Video Popularity With Training Managers

There are many reasons to choose video over film: convenience, cost, sophistication, creativity, stability, flexibility, and the playback and the recording features.

Developing A Sales Training Program With Video Tape

The implications appear to be clear: in house trainers carry the primary responsibility for the development of sales raining programs and must be prepared to select the best materials, be they slides, transparencies, handouts, video, or film.

Purchasing Videotaped Sales Training Materials

The entire business of producing instructional video materials has undergone tremendous growth, and competetiveness has bred new levels of sophistication. As with any infant industry, trial and error and new entrants have improved the early products.

How To Make Your Own Sales Training Video In Six Steps - Part 1

While we could not hope to present an entire course on video production within these pages, we can share the techniques and procedures that have worked for us.

How To Make Your Own Sales Training Video In Six Steps - Part 2

The wording of the narrative and the examples of selling skills must show the people-side of the business. Any stiffness in wording should be changed. If the writer is not equally strong in all the foregoing areas, an unbalanced learning curve will occur, and the video will be less effective.

Marketing Your Sales Training Video Program & Summary

When we look at how far video has come and how universally it is used, we can be certain that video technology will enhance training programs far into the future.


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